David & Priscilla Kerley specialise in breeding patio plants grown from cuttings.

We concentrate on species which contribute to seasonal displays in balcony and patio containers - tubs, hanging baskets, windowboxes and other containers.

The most famous product we have commercialized is Petunia Priscilla, the first of the TUMBELINA® double basket petunias so well appreciated by our customers in many countries.

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NEWS FLASH! New Products for 2016 include:

Calendula - POWER DAISY SUNNY – Placed THIRD in the CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW 2016 “NEW PLANT OF THE YEAR” category. An all-new tough plant derived from species crosses. Brightly coloured flowers produced constantly and in great profusion over an extremely long period, March to November outdoors in UK. Virtually sterile and mildew resistant with strong free-branching spreading habit; tolerant of cold, heat, rain and drought. For container and landscape use.

Petunia Tumbelina – ANNA - The first picotee double in the well-known Tumbelina Petunia series, with good weather tolerance. For hanging baskets and tubs. The first Tumbelina was the internationally successful Petunia ‘Tumbelina Priscilla’ introduced 20 years ago and has just been awarded the RHS AWARD OF GARDEN MERIT. Anna extends the colour range and shows further improvements in this breeding line.

Begonia – SWEET SPICE - Two tuberous Begonias are the first fragrant varieties with a compact free-branching spreading habit which makes them ideal for hanging baskets, windowboxes and patio tubs where the scent can be appreciated. The flowers are distributed over the plant throughout the season and face outwards rather than downwards.

Contact Us

D.W. & P.G. Kerley
49 Station Road


CB24 5NJ

tel/fax: +44 (0) 1954 230 995

mobile: +44 (0) 7808 294 700

email: info@kerley.co.uk

web: http://www.kerley.co.uk

The Partners

Priscilla has spent most of the past 20 years raising our family of 4 boys. Her role in the business includes all the book keeping.

David has a background in the seeds business, where for more than 25 years he worked in the packet seed industry. His specialisation included varieties, marketing and commerce. For more than 15 years he headed a mail order business. Today he handles the commercial aspects of our operation.

Both partners are heavily involved in the breeding of new flowers.


We currently have licensed propagators distributing in the following countries:

North America

- Canada
- United States


- Austria
- Benelux
- Czech Republic
- Denmark
- Finland
- France
- Germany
- Greece
- Ireland
- Italy
- Norway
- Poland
- Slovakia
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- U.K.

Rest of World

- Japan
- New Zealand


Interested in distributing our products?

Some, but not all, distributors have exclusive rights. Please contact us for more information.