TUMBELINA NICOLA shortlisted for RHS Plant of the Year at Chelsea

Shortlisted for the Plant of the Year 2024 Award at RHS Chelsea this year, Tumbelina Nicola, NEW! For 2024, is on full display at The Chelsea Flower Show. Tumbelina Nicola has a beautiful flower habit, producing prolific flowers outdoors in tubs or baskets. It has a unique central flourish of petals and contrasting bi-colour frame, a flower form never seen before in our Tumbelina. Performing well in peat-free compost, weather resistant and long flowering, Nicola is an excellent, stable garden petunia for the uncertain British weather conditions!

You can see Tumbelina Nicola in all her beauty at the Spasholt College Show Garden at The Chelsea Flower Show this week. Kerley&Co enjoy a strong partnership with the Colegrave-Seabrook Foundation. Named after the lovely Nicola Gow who runs the Foundation, it was fitting to honour her with a Tumbelina, whilst also supporting the Foundation with a percentage of the royalties we receive for our sales. The Foundation encourages young people into Horticulture, seen through the marvellous display stand that the College Students had built for the Flower Show. Going back some years, Kerley&Co breeder Tim himself was a beneficiary of a scholarship from the Foundation, so it has been a fitting tribute that our Plant of the Year nominee, named for Nicola, has a presence at the RHS show this year, bringing the Kerley relationship with the Colegrave-Seabrook Foundation full circle! Our Tumbelina Scarlett Ripple makes up the other beautiful basket feature on the Spasholt College Show Garden.