New Varieties for 2016

We are pleased to announce a number of exciting new products for 2016 – one of which has already caught the eye of judges at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Calendula ‘PowerDaisy Sunny’

Placed third in the Chelsea Flower Show 2016 “New Plant of the Year” category (more details), Calendula ‘PowerDaisy’ Sunny is an all-new tough plant derived from species crosses. Brightly coloured flowers produced constantly and in great profusion over an extremely long period, March to November outdoors in UK. Virtually sterile and mildew resistant with strong free-branching spreading habit; tolerant of cold, heat, rain and drought. For container and landscape use.

Petunia ‘Tumbelina Anna’

The first picotee double in the well-known ‘Tumbelina’ Petunia series, with good weather tolerance. For hanging baskets and tubs. See photos of Petunia ‘Tumbelina Anna’ here.

Begonia ‘Sweet Spice’

Two tuberous Begonias in our ‘Sweet Spice’ series are the first fragrant varieties with a compact free-branching spreading habit which makes them ideal for hanging baskets, windowboxes and patio tubs where the scent can be appreciated. The flowers are distributed over the plant throughout the season and face outwards rather than downwards.